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Pride 2017: Liverpool

With neighbouring city Manchester taking the limelight for gay events we take a look at Liverpool’s resurgence as a gay destination and hotspot.

We interviewed General Manager Ryan Fanthorpe of Liverpool’s gay nightclub, Heaven. With Liverpool Pride upcoming 29th-30th July 2017 we take a look at Liverpool’s prime place to be that weekend.

What has Heaven got lined up for pride?

“We are going for an indoor festival feel, we don’t know what to expect yet. Manchester and Birmingham have more of a house music feel”

Alongside this, Heaven will be theming the club into a large set, with appearances from drag queens such as Coco Pop (Drag DJ). Add to this a parade of around 10 queens, UV party, lip sync and possible wet t-shirt party

What was your first experience of Pride? 

“I’m from Stoke, where I used to help out in at the local Pride event there. It’s a small town but everyone comes out to enjoy it – it’s fantastic. People say we don’t need Pride anymore, but we really do!”

Ryan has previous experience in helping to organise Pride events in Stoke and Manchester, and is hoping to make Pride at Heaven an unforgettable experience.

Are there any charities involved? 

“Liverpool doesn’t really put much money into Pride. In Manchester you have to pay a fee to be represented as a Pride venue and a lot of the money goes back to the community and charities. We are holding a charity event on the 1st July so that we can give back to people in Liverpool. Entry is £3 suggested donation and 100% of that will go to the Liverpool Pride charity. It will take place from 8pm-2am”


Have you got any thoughts on events over the past year? 

“It’s crazy living in the world we do, I just don’t understand why people carry out attacks such as the one in Orlando” 

Is there anything else we can expect from Heaven this Pride and upcoming year?

“Sunday will be Family day for Liverpool Pride, I think it’s important for kids to know that it’s okay to be gay and that it’s normal – so that’s really great. We have Latrice Royale as a guest on the 20th August and we have a RuPaul’s Drag Race star appearing each month at Heaven. We’ve got Stooshe and The Vivienne. I’m also hoping to get Fat Man Scoop to join us for this years freshers”

Visit Heaven’s website to see more upcoming events and special guests!

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