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A Park Full Of Penis – South Korea’s Jeju Loveland

Disneyland with dicks? Well in South Korea they have just the thing albeit without the rides. This sculpture park on Jeju island has some weird and wonderful art. Including huge stone penises, boobs and labia. Here are some of the strange and funny photos of the park.

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The park features over 140 sculptures in total.

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Among these are stone labia and penises.

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Visitors must be aged over 18 to visit the park.

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The park aims to educate adults on sex.

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The park opened in 2004 on Jeju island, South Korea.

Visitors can get great selfies. Positioning themselves between lovers or riding giant dicks.

The park has been a popular honeymoon destination.

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The park is located only 10 minutes away from Jeju International Airport.

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Would you visit Jeju Loveland?

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