Drinking Game – Straight Guy Puts His Huge Member In Beer (NSFW)

The things straight guys do for fun has taken a weird turn. We have all heard of fraternity hazing and horseplay but this guy has caused a storm due to his horse-like appendage. The man dips his soft member into a pint of beer, his friend then proceeds to drink it. Note that this HUGE thing is on the soft! We all know what we’d like to swallow… scroll down to watch the video!!! https://sprinkledpeen.tumblr.com/post/162830525321/dip-that-big-cock-in-everything-and-ill-drink  

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UK Gay Porn Trends Revealed! What We Really Like…

Who knew that Pornhub were dedicated statisticians? According to their results the top 3 most viewed categories include: straight guys, black and daddy. According to Pornhub “when compared to the rest of the world, the “Fetish” category is 48% more popular among gay viewers in the U.K. and gay “twink” videos are also 45% more popular in the U.K.”                   The top 3 gay searches all included the word “straight” suggesting that gays have a preoccupation for their straight friends. Furthermore, the search…

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