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Daily Bulge: @alex_scott84 (click to see)

Scroll down for the butt!! The globe trotter spends a lot of time travelling the world, and takes some pretty fantastic pictures along the way A post shared by Alex_Scott84 (@alex_scott84) on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:23am PDT But obviously with all that travelling, a day in bed is just what anyone needs A post shared by Alex_Scott84 (@alex_scott84) on Jul 29, 2017 at 5:13am PDT But he is always back at in, on the balcony, taking some pictures to show off…his holiday? A post shared by Alex_Scott84 (@alex_scott84) on…

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Top Love Island 2017 Social Media Reactions

Here’s our top reactions and memes from twitter for Love Island 2017… Who could it possibly be? “Right, you have to kiss the girl who you think ran through a field of wheat on a night out” #LoveIsland pic.twitter.com/hBdc1ALJ4I — Love Island (@LoveIslandNot) June 7, 2017 We thought we’d seen her before… Remember Roxy from Tracy Beaker, this is her now. Feel old yet? #LoveIsland pic.twitter.com/zNWSIkBF8y — Love Island (@LoveIslandNot) June 7, 2017 Did you know Marcel was in Blazin’ Squad? This has killed me 😂 #BlazinSquad #Loveisland pic.twitter.com/noJG41CizV —…

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