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How much do you love Game of Thrones?!

Is it enough to get the new GOT themed sex toy? Because yes, there now is one! We are surprised it took them this long, and many people will be happy to hear that it is related heavily to Jon Snow.. thats right, you can now imagine getting fucked by Jon’s sword…pun intended. Shaped like Jon Snows actual sword from the series, it comes from an Australian company Geeky Sex Toys who also brought us the pokemon themed sex toys. With the handle a close replica of long claw, we know…

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Youtuber Davey Wavey plays Whats Up My Bum … But the real version 😱

This popular Youtuber, well known for always taking things to the next level and eliminating boundaries that most people conform too, has..well…he’s done it again! Roping in porn star Brent Everett, they play a very real version of the popular youtube trend called “Whats Up My Bum?” In what turns out to be a very hilarious video, with some genuinely funny reactions from both guys. Davey at the start of the video states “As gay men everyone’s trying to shame us and guilt us for being gay. We need to…

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