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Pride 2017: Liverpool

With neighbouring city Manchester taking the limelight for gay events we take a look at Liverpool’s resurgence as a gay destination and hotspot. We interviewed General Manager Ryan Fanthorpe of Liverpool’s gay nightclub, Heaven. With Liverpool Pride upcoming 29th-30th July 2017 we take a look at Liverpool’s prime place to be that weekend. What has Heaven got lined up for pride? “We are going for an indoor festival feel, we don’t know what to expect yet. Manchester and Birmingham have more of a house music feel” Alongside this, Heaven will…

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Coming Out! These Clothes Are No Longer In The Closet

With 2017 marking the 50th anniversary of the iconic partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality, in both England and Wales, a brand new exhibit has been opened to mark the occasion. In 1967 the Sexual Offences Act was introduced, this remarkable change finally made it legal for 2 men to have sex (of course in private..well, just like everyone really) as long as they were both over the age of 21. Before this, sexual acts between 2 men were an imprisonable offence. Oh how far we’ve come. A post shared by…

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