Cutest Same Sex Marriage Proposals

Everyone has their dream wedding, but not everyone thinks about having a dream proposal. Well, after seeing these, we definitely are starting to make plans for what we want. We just cant cope with the adorable things we have witnessed! Well first off we have an adorable couple based in London, Nick and Dominic. One day, the pair were out in a sunny London and decided to get a caricature done. Simple enough, yet what started as just a cute caricature of the couple turned into a heart wrenchingly cute…

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7 Celebrities and Their Inspiring Coming Out Stories

Its a well known fact that all these celebrities have come out to their friends, family and the general public and in this day and age its not really as “shocking” as it once used to be. All these celebrities have come out at different times in their lives, careers and even decades, and we love them all for it! Ellen DeGeneres Hers is probably one of the most famous we know of, especially since in April 1997 she posed on the cover of Times Magazine with the words “Yep,…

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Orlando – One Year On.

On the 12th June 2016, the world was rocked by another shooting, this one taking place in a popular gay nightclub called Pulse in Orlando. Taking the lives of 49 people and injuring 58 others, a security guard, Omar Mateen opened fire in the club at 2am during its Latin themed night in which 300 people were in attendance. Now a year on, we remember the victims, who lost their lives in this tragic event. With Pulse becoming an unofficial site of remembrance, as early in the morning hundreds of…

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Chechnya100 – We Exist

In this day and age, you would think that this would be a thing of the past, but in a self- governing Russia, men aged 16 – 50 are being targeted. Why? Well because they are homosexual. This monstrosity of an event is happening in South Russia, Chechnya to be exact, a predominantly conservative and Muslim region. The police are targeting those who are or suspected to be of a homosexual nature. Arthur who was aware of a change in December where men were starting to be rounded up, but…

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