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McCains advert causes backlash!

Who would have thought something as innocent as chips would cause such mayhem? Well is has, and thats because there are is a gay couple, comprised to 2 men playing the Dads. Obviously that child is traumatised by the whole experience… The couple in the video have spoken out since the advert hit our tv’s, saying they have received all kinds of abuse because of it. Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi agreed to star in the advert after a model agency run by a friend’s mum got in contact. They hoped…

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Tom Dales and Dustin Lane Share Their Honeymoon Photos With The World!!

And omg we love them! With their marriage taking place back in May, the pair have had various work commitments to keep them busy, but finally, they have taken the honeymoon that most people dream of, in sunny Spain! And thanks to the marvel that is Instagram, we felt like we were there as well!! They flew together (obviously) to Barcelona, and got started with the well known tourist sites, which realistically, no one can resist. A post shared by Tom Daley (@tomdaley1994) on Aug 7, 2017 at 1:52am PDT…

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Germany Enter The 21st Century – Same Sex Marriage is Legal!

It has finally happened, Germany are stepping up and finally catching up with the rest of the world. After a vote on Friday, and an emotional session in Parliament, a short and suddenly scheduled debated ended with an eye opening reveal that Germany would be legalising same sex marriage, along with various other European countries. Congratulations Germany! https://t.co/V6UeCnjLiU — Humanists UK (@Humanists_UK) June 30, 2017 Before this vote, same sex couples could have civil unions but could not be legally married. And while it  was clear through various polls that…

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