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The Tories Are At It Again..

This time it is Tory Councillor, Luke Stubbs, who has been angered by the gender neutral clothing line at John Lewis. So much so that he has suggested that people burn their John Lewis loyalty cards. Because of that is obviously a rational reaction…

What he seems to be personally offended by is that John Lewis have instead decided to start marketing their clothing as childrenswear instead of separating them into boys and girls sections.

After spotting a complaint on the facebook page, where a woman stated, “How do I cancel my store membership reward card, I will not support a store that bows down to such pc claptrap”

He responded to the comment saying – “I agree with you. John Lewis has turned itself into a contemptible politically correct joke. My advice? Try and get a few people together then film yourself burning them and send it to the media. Also, make a point of writing to the store and tell them you will never use them again. I don’t shop there anyway, but if I did I’d be an ex-customer now.”

So basically he is an idiot that doesnt deserve any kind of power that he currently holds as Deputy Leader of Portsmouth Council.

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