What happens when an a** pulls off a drag queens wig?

He gets ended in one punch!

In this beautiful video, the Queen is seen talking into a camera, when a strange man comes up behind her. And in one swift movement, he momentarily humiliates the Queen, by snatching her wig from her head.

Yet in what can only be the quickest reaction ever, she turns around and delievers a devastating blow, because what is easily forgotten, is that while yes, she is wearing a dress, beneath all the fantastic clothing a make, she is a man.

So when the drunken man swiftly removed her wig, Queen, Heirless Blackstone’s, refused to take it on the chin, and instead, delivered a blow to his, and he dropped like a sack of fucking potatoes.

While there is of course the usual speculation that this is fake or a hoax, we are more than happy to believe that she dropped him, and he got what he deserved.

Scroll down for the full video!!

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