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“To prevent early ejaculation I think about … Bianca Del Rio” – Top2Bottom Games

For those who have played Cards Against Humanity you’ll know the fun you can have with friends. Grab a drink and delve into dark humour and an innuendo filled evening. Top 2 Bottom is a fresh take on dark humour card games. Specifically created with LGBT pop culture in mind.

The general gist of the game is that players each have 7 white phrase cards. Then one player picks a pink question card. Each player selects one of their phrase cards to fill in the question. The player who reads out the pink question cards then selects what they think is the best response.

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will love to get their hands on the Bianca Del Rio card, for example:

To prevent early ejaculation I think about … Bianca Del Rio”

The game caused quite a storm in our office. For those who don’t identify as LGBT there’s still plenty of hilarious cards that you’ll understand (if not all of them). Recurring themes are gay icons, drag, dating and sex. Moreover, there are currently 7 expansions packs – including a Lesbian expansion so that everyone can get involved.

We read that there was some criticism that the cards could be too offensive – especially to transgender people. However, we think that the object of this game is to have a laugh and offend everyone equally! So it’s definitely not for those who are sensitive or take political issues too seriously.

Expansions include:

San Francisco


Los Angeles

New York


General Expansion #1

General Expansion #2

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