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Same Sex Marriage Means Kids Can’t Say Mum and Dad…

So the stupidity of people really has no bounds.

And this time its an Australian senator who has made the clearly bizarre claims.

Pauline Hanson, who is the leader of the far-right party One Nation, explained that she was going to outright ignore the majority Yes vote and has accused gay people of trying to “take the word marriage” from straight people.

“Have we considered the children” she asked, sounding like the hysterical Helen Lovejoy from the popular tv show The Simpson.

“What may come of this, is that kids go to school and they say ‘I want to draw a picture of mum and dad,’ or ‘whats mum and dad done?”

“And then ‘Yes’ are gonna come and say ‘Sorry, you can no longer call that parent mum or dad because it’s going to offend the children who don’t have a mum or dad”

“So is it going to be,’Well then you must call that person by their first name, there is no longer mums or dads, its no longer grandma or grandad’

“This is the impact it’s having in other places, so I’ve been told” Which is of course the most important line of her entire spiel… Who told you? Because as far as we are all aware, that is not the case.

If it was the case that those who don’t have a mum or dad because of a same sex marriage are going to be offended, then surely this would have happened sooner from kids who don’t have parents due to other reasons that aren’t same sex marriage.

Children don’t get offended by these things unless they are taught to get offended. So being as those children who don’t have parents or a mum or a dad due to other reasons, the simple fact is that you are trying to teach children to be homophobic.

But alas, this is the not time she has caused controversy thought. Last month she appeared to the Senate chamber wearing a burqa, in a bizarre attempt to call for a ban on the religious garment…


So if that doesn’t give you and idea of this person. Nothing will.


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