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McCains advert causes backlash!

Who would have thought something as innocent as chips would cause such mayhem?

Well is has, and thats because there are is a gay couple, comprised to 2 men playing the Dads.

Obviously that child is traumatised by the whole experience…

The couple in the video have spoken out since the advert hit our tv’s, saying they have received all kinds of abuse because of it.

Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi agreed to star in the advert after a model agency run by a friend’s mum got in contact.

They hoped representing same-sex parents would celebrate family diversity with an audience of millions of television viewers, creating something new, and driving our society towards more tolerance and acceptance towards the idea that 2 men (or 2 women) could be parents.

Yet, what they actually faced was the complete opposite, even being compared to paedophiles by some. How that is a realistic comparison we will never know.

Obviously we still have an entirely long way to go before these idiotic people making these statements just shut the fuck up.

You can check out the full advert below. 

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