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Jackie Beat Gets Political…Again

This is not the first time this Drag Queen has come across as political, and in her latest Facebook video, we expect nothing less than what we received.

She captions the video with :
“This goes out to all my LGBTQ brothers & sisters – especially those with any level of fame… It’s time to speak your mind. This is NOT “business as usual.” I understand avoiding politics, but this goes beyond mere politics. This is about humanity & decency. So, FUCKING SPEAK UP. What are you waiting for?”

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For those who cannot be bothered watching the video – The full Transcript:

Hey everybody, it’s me, Jackie Beat. I just want to put this out there. I feel like there’s a lot of openly gay performers, artists, singers, and some transgender individuals who have not really taken a stand on this whole fucking Trump thing. And I just want to put it out there to be courageous. This is the difference between right and wrong, that’s all. So you are not alienating anybody and you may think, ‘Oh, I’m just going to avoid politics.’ What the fuck for? Say something. Let people know what you’re all about and what you really believe in.

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