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Is this bus driver actually serious?!

So this bus driver has clearly lost his mind !

After an openly gay student boarded the school bus, the part-time driver decided to use the PA system on the vehicle to make a string of anti-gay slurs.

“No faggot activity will be permitted on this bus” is one of the apparent statments he made accroding to the Facebook post by the Nicholas County Democrats.

Another was “In my Bible it states that ‘faggots will burn in hell’ and i will not condone it”

The driver is apparently also a West Virginia Sheriff’s deputy, and took it upon himself to wear the full uniform whilst driving the bus (we aren’t really sure of his thought process behind that one)

With the incident being investigate thoroughly by the Clay County superintendent, he has stated that hate has no place in his district, especially not in schools!

Unfortunatley according to the Human Rights Campaign, West Virginia currently does not have any legal protections for LGBT people against hate crimes.

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