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Homophobia on Facebook: Bible Bashers and Best Comebacks

It doesn’t take long for you to see homophobia on Facebook. Simply scrolling through the newsfeed and reading comments on LGBT related posts highlights this. We’re not sure why the bible-bashers and homophobes spend their time watching LGBT related posts – maybe the secretly love a bit of gay news? Recently, a video of a conversation between a 13 year old boy and elderly man was uploaded. The two talked about the differences when growing up, the law and attitudes.

Here are some of the ridiculous comments and saviours who attempted to educate the degenerates:

Erica LH proclaimed God’s judgement:




But forgot to mention the other rules regarding Christianity:



And people were quick to point out the Magical Sky God’s own flaws:



Nelson Ramos casually threw in some factual evidence:




However, David was did one better by quoting from a more reliable source:


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