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Germany Enter The 21st Century – Same Sex Marriage is Legal!

It has finally happened, Germany are stepping up and finally catching up with the rest of the world.

After a vote on Friday, and an emotional session in Parliament, a short and suddenly scheduled debated ended with an eye opening reveal that Germany would be legalising same sex marriage, along with various other European countries.

Before this vote, same sex couples could have civil unions but could not be legally married. And while it Β was clear through various polls that Germans favoured the legalisation, it was blocked repeatedly by Conservatives.

The country’s politics were shoved into approving gay marriage last weekend, when two major political parties said that legislation would be made a condition of any future coalition agreement with the Christian Democrats. Who’s leader Angela Merkel is seeking a fourth term in the September General Election

Support is flooding through from all platforms of social media, as people rejoice, happy for those who have waited so long for this to happen.

Arnd BΓ€chler, a counselor at Berlins gay counselling center said β€œIt’s very positive for the self-esteem of gays and lesbians; it’s very important for people coming out, knowing that they have this equality; and it sends a clear message to any homophobic refugees coming to Germany: We have equality here,”

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