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First The Babadook Becomes a LGBT Icon, Now IT…

And apparently the 2 are dating !

If you don’t know..the Babadook is a fictional creature that terrorises a family from their basement and with creepy books.

And after some clever photoshop, we was lead the believe that the film was accidentally listed as an LGBT film.

And the internet took it to heart with the now viral, making the Babadook an official LGBT icon!

So after all that it is official that the Babadook is a true gay icon and people are just loving it !

Then Pennywise came along, with the release of Stephen Kings rebooted horror film IT and people are just adamant that Pennywise is gay, and is dating the Babadook!

Its perfect!

Just look how perfect they are together! And everyone thinks so!


We hope they are truly very happy together!

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