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In this day and age, you would think that this would be a thing of the past, but in a self- governing Russia, men aged 16 – 50 are being targeted. Why? Well because they are homosexual. This monstrosity of an event is happening in South Russia, Chechnya to be exact, a predominantly conservative and Muslim region.

The police are targeting those who are or suspected to be of a homosexual nature. Arthur who was aware of a change in December where men were starting to be rounded up, but by the time they arrived at his home, he was gone.

“I was saved by just a few minutes”

He continued saying “But the policemen called (my telephone) and said I should stand in front of him because I have betrayed him personally, because I am gay, a gay Chechen. I think he also wanted to get information from me about other friends.”

His situation was then worsened with a horrible dilemma given to him by the person in charge, who said if he did not return, he would take a younger family member instead.

Others who have come forward, one known as Maxim told Sky News that he was tortured with electrocution and frequent beatings over the course of 2 weeks and that other inmates within his crowded cell were given metal bars and then instructed to beat a person who had been singled out.

Parents are also being forced to detention centres – which are being called modern day concentration camps – and are instructed

to kill their sons, being told that if they don’t they (the police force) will. It has been alleged that police officers are taking bribes from the families who are willingly paying to get the officers to look the other way, while other families are stating they “would be happy if the offending person was killed”. Reportedly, in just a few short months, over 100 men have so far been rounded up, with some having allegedly been killed.

Yet of course, these allegations have been denied by the Chechen government, even though the president Ramzan Kadyrov publicly declared that he wanted all the LGBT+ community eliminated by 26th May, which just so happens to coincided with the start of Muslim Holiday Ramadan.

During this horrific time of growing anti gay sentiment, various groups against this current movement, are doing their best to help, but it has been stated that they just have too few people, minimum funds and next to zero support from embassies, who seem reluctant to provide emergency visas to those in need. When told of the deep concern from embassies around the world Maxim stated “I hear words of support but I haven’t received any help.”

Although finally, doors across Europe are starting to open, on the grounds that they have been persecuted because of their sexual orientation.

But with this crisis ongoing, Human Rights Activists are describing this time as the anti gay purge, not words you would think spoken in 2017.


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