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A Venice Proposal? Yes Please!!

We all have our dream proposals planned from the moment we start to understand what they are. Whether its at home in your pjs, at a romantic restaurant, or a huge spectacle, we all have one.

Well for former olympian got the gold medal proposal that anyone could be jealous of.

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His now fiancé Patrick Huber, back in July organised a trip to Venice for the 2 as a surprise getaway.

The night before the trip he told Jimmy Sjödin – a former Olympic Diver – to back a bag, but of course did not reveal where they would be heading. Driving the scenic route from their home in Munich, the only information was given is that is was somewhere he had always wanted to visit.

It was then during a beautiful gondala ride that Patrick dropped to one knee and popped the question. Jimmy of course was completely shocked by the events saying “I had no idea or clue that this could or would be an engagement trip”.

Patrick had thought of everything, even hiring a photographer to capture the special moment (good thing he said yes). He even has custom engagement bands made of them which included engravings on the inside, of each others personal nicknames.

After an interesting start to their relationship, which involved a lot of texting, and long phone calls, the eventually met. Patrick says “I honestly knew from before we even met that this guy could be the one,”

Their instagrams are full of the couple being actual goals, and afterwards on Jimmys page, he posted a video about their relationship for mancrushmonday, which is just cute!

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