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Queer Disney: Our Favourite LGBTQ Characters

Ursula, The Little Mermaid

The bitter sea-witch has possibly been the most famous lesbian character. Her look, character and personality is based on the famous drag queen, Divine. Rocking her short white hair and that saucy black number, Ursula embraces a curvaceous and stereotypical lesbian look – but does so with dark humour and sassiness. Remember darlings! It’s all about body language.

Pleakley, Lilo and Stitch

Think RuPaul is the queen of drag? Think again! The male alien brings the fiercest looks in Lilo and Stitch. His shrill voice and campy behaviours have made him a fan favourite. Pleakley is rarely seen in alien/male clothing and instead opts for the more flamboyant look.

Hades, Hercules

Evil, sassy and gay? Hades epitomises the GBF. He dishes out his advice and wisdom, whether people need it or not. Telling Meg not to get angry “over some guy”

Oaken, Frozen

Whilst playing a small role in the hit movie, Frozen, Oaken has been given perhaps the most modern depiction of a gay man. Rather than adhere to the camp, sassy, effeminate stereotype Oaken is simply depicted as gay through his family. In the film, he says “Hello family!” which then pans to a man and 4 children in the sauna. This could imply that him and his partner are raising 4 children.

Ken, Toy Story 3

Well what else needs to be said?

Le Fou, Beauty and the Beast

On the release of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast many countries kicked up a hissy fit over the fact that Le Fou was obviously in love with Gaston. Disney did well here to champion gay rights by not pandering to nations such as Russia and Malaysia over the depiction of love.


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