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Gay Scenes in TV

We take a look at the top gay scenes in TV, including American Gods, Looking and more!

American Gods

Season 1 – Episode 3

To the surprise of many, including the author – Neil Gaiman himself, the sex scene between Salim, an Omani salesman and a Jinn, essentially a Genie, made it from paper to screen. Bryan Fuller, the series gay showrunner requested a reshoot. Fuller told Vulture that:

“unless he has a 12-inch, candy-cane cock and can fuck around corners, his dick’s not getting in him. So you guys need to go back and figure out where holes are”

Salim meets the Jinn – episode 3

Gaiman voiced his disbelief to Vice that the scene made it onto our screens. Gaiman told vice:

“I appear to be watching the best gay porn I’ve ever watched. My sampling of gay porn is basically just this, but I’m watching it and I can’t believe they’re doing it. You feel like boundaries are being pushed, and that makes me very proud.”

This episode has set the bar high and will most likely be a reference for many future gay scenes.


Seasons 1-2, Special Finale Episode

Looking follows the lives of three friends in San Francisco. The numerous and interwoven storylines does a wonderful job of representing all walks of life. Jonathan Groff stars as the naive and hopeless romantic Patrick Murray, a game designer who falls in love with his boss Kevin Matheson (Russell Tovey) who is already partnered.

Add in his 2 friends Agustín (Frankie Alvarez) a failed artist & drug user and Dom (Murray Bartlett) the older, wiser yet lonely father figure of the trio then you have a real emotional rollercoaster of life events. Not to forget Doris, played by Lauren

Patrick and Kevin

Weedman, the self proclaimed fag-hag. Her wit and dry sarcasm make this show adds a realistic dynamic to the group. During an interview at the Curran Theatre Groff said:

“The show illuminated intimacy in sex without being porny or salacious. Those scenes felt very real and true to life.   I was excited to do them… I feel like a song from Oklahoma! – ‘I’m just a girl who can’t say no!”

The sex scenes between Kevin (Russell Tovey) and Patrick (Jonathan Groff) in the finale and throughout the series are brief but intimate. Whilst it doesn’t have the explicit nature of the American Gods sex scene it nonetheless provides a better sense of intimacy and realism.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Season 5 – Episode 1

What could be better than mother monster, Lady Gaga? Mother monster in an orgy with Matt Bomer.

Gaga and Bomer post-sucking

The Countess (Lady Gaga) and Donovan (Matt Bomer) lure back 2 lucky souls to their plush abode for some good old-fashioned fun – albeit with a little bit bloodsucking. The orgy scene isn’t particularly erotic, however to the background music of Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge there’s certainly an element of uninhibited fun and intensity.

The series itself doesn’t have any specific gay scenes or romances as such, yet there is an underlying assumption that the characters are fairly fluid in their sexual preferences. Gaga told Jimmy Fallon:

“I find the art of darkness fascinating, I think I would have been one of Hitchcock’s groupies. I love the dichotomy of sex and horror at the same time. There’s something really fascinating in watching these shows and seeing how these serial killers operate.”


Seasons 1 – 2 

Who can forget German actor Max Riemel’s full frontal scenes? Or the sex scene between Lito and Hernando, played by Miquel Angel Silvestre and Alfonso Herrea. Throughout both seasons of Sense8, gay love has been the norm. The show does an exceptional job of showing a diverse range of relationships and some steamy scenes also!

In an interview with Attitude magazine Riemel revealed his views on the scenes.

“It’s not that very simple, single image you have of sex; it describes a feeling you could have when you have someone you feel connected to. It’s a beautiful sex scene, which is really rare nowadays; it’s not something people like to think of as pornographic.”

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