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The Cast of Titanic – Then and Now.

We all know this iconic film, and the tragic event that inspired its creation by director James Cameron. Well in 1997, this film was born and hit our screens, we are now in its 20th anniversary year, and we cannot believe how much these actors have grown over the years.

Leonardo Dicaprio – Jack Dawson

This dark horse has been acting for as long as we can remember, and in every way he has gotten better with age. And after finally winning his first oscar in 2016 for his role in The Revenant, the whole internet community sighed with relief.

The images above showcase Leo in 1997 (left) aged just 22 on set of the Titanic in 1997 and him winning his oscar (right) in 2016 aged 41.

Kate Winslet – Rose DeWitt Bukater

This beauty proves to all of us that we can age gracefully, with just a fantastic career and giving support to over 15 charities, she really is just the definition of “goals”.

Images about showcase Kate at the age of 19 (left) in costume and on the (right) we have her at the age of  41 at the World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Billy Zane – Cal Hockley

Acting since the 1980’s, he has since taken a back seat in the acting world, doing small parts in commercials, but mainly focusing on what happens behind the camera. He is definitely one to keep an eye on, we are expecting big things from him.


Above we have Zane (left) in character on the set of the Titanic aged 31 and on the (right) showcasing his new role in the legends of tomorrow.

Kathy Bates – Molly Brown

A truly well known actress, especially for her recent roles in AHS, but also playing an iconic role in Stephen Kings Misery film adaption. She seems to ooze grace and poise, and we really cannot wait to see her in any future films and tv shows she has planned.

On the (left) we have Kathy in her costume for Molly Brown on the set of the Titanic and on the (right) we have here in the late 2010’s at a premier for AHS.

Frances Fisher – Ruth DeWitt Butaker

This lovely ladies career began in the theatre, before she branched out into being on screen, portraying very strong women throughout her career. We can only imagine the amazing woman she has become and continues to be, a real idol.

Frances in costume as the mother of Rose on the left and on the right we have here looking elegant in a leather jacket at The Writers Guild Awards

We just cant believe how these actors have changed over the years, developing as people, its just amazing. We love them all.





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