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Does Jon Snow Have The Booty?? HE DOOO

Spoilers for GOT Episode 7 – The Dragon and The Wolf ahead!


Fans of Game of Thrones went wild after the last episode of the tv show, not because it was the finale, or that we got confirmation of Jon Snow’s true parentage, or that we finally saw the walkers make it to the wall and use the transformed version of Viserion, fuck that wall up. Which left most fans in complete shock.

No, it was because we got a very lingering glimpse of the one and only Jon Snow booty!

During what was a truly anticipated scene between Jon and Dany, where they finally did the dirty (we are of course all ignoring the fact that they are related), fans were excited, especially when they intertwined bodies came up on screen, fully naked.

We have already had a cheeky peek and his bare bum back in season 3. But, we must be honest, it was fleeting and we were of course left wanting a lot more!

Now fast forward through a lot of death, blood, gore and more nudity, we have come back to our beloved King in the North, and we couldn’t be happier.

Just look at it!

and again..

okay one more time..

We cannot get enough, and for everyone else who simply cannot get enough of this scene either..

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