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Top Exercises For a Great Butt

Squats Obviously squats is going to be first on the list, it the most universally known exercise when it comes to getting that bum to die for, as well as that, it is such a diverse way to exercise as it can be done in so many different ways: Barbell – Done with a barbell…duh. This one allows you to hit both the glutes and the hamstrings at the same time. Goblet –  Done with a dumbbell or kettlebell at the chest while squatting, this style gives a lot of debt…

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College Pole Vaulter Andrew Zollner Shows Off His Giant Pole 🍆 (NSFW)

This nationally recognised pole vaulter has caused quite a fuss with some very interesting photos that have been leaked online. Before photos of him in very revealing spandex had blessed our screens, showing off what is very much a concealed weapon. And while those are pretty fantastic, he graced us with some stark naked pictures that give us a very clear glimpse of his massive member!!   CHECK OUT THE FULL NUDES HERE  

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